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Plastic key tags are valuable tools that help market your brand and make your business visible to more customers. Custom printed key tags are popular due to their versatility, as they can be transformed into rewards cards, loyalty cards, VIP cards, and many more.
Plastic key tags synchronize with your business needs. We incorporate important information such as Barcodes, Members’ Names, Membership Numbers, Magnetic Strips, QR Codes, and other variable data that can work well with your POS system. Snap-Off Plastic Key Tags are valuable for Membership Programs, enabling members to conveniently store their membership details on their keys.
All of our Plastic Key Tags are manufactured to the following specification:

Card Size

Credit Card: 86 x 54mm (CR80) (3.375″ x 2.125″ inches).


We always include full colour print to both sides of your cards.
Full colour (CMYK), double sided 4/4 print.

Available thicknesses

760 Micron (0.76mm) credit card, 600 Micron, and 450 Micron. Also available 1,500 (0.84mm).

Material used

100% Plastic PVC, just like a Credit Card. Not encapsulated like some manufacturers cards.

Standard finish

High quality gloss laminated finish as standard. Matt Lamination and frosted finish also available.

Printing method

Full Colour double sided Lithographic Print Inlay Printing. Not digital print like some manufacturers cards.


10-15 business days turnaround
We aim to give you the fastest turnaround time.

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