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Design Services

Great card design is memorable.

Think about it, in many cases after meeting a person you’ll hand them a card. Your card design will be the first bit of direct visual communication material representing your company. If, as is the case with most parties / social situations, their memory will be hazy the next day and your card will now become very important. Your card is likely not to be the only card being reviews so if it stands out, you are ahead already.

So what makes a great card design?

The majority of cards out there are design by secretaries or business owners themselves. And while the business card design servers a purpose, majority are nothing special. In some cases they are awful. Great cards design follow the same rules as any other type of graphic design; suitability, functionality, good typography and a visual direction tailored to the target market. A fundamental requirement of any printed piece is readability.

Check a popular City newspaper for direction here, they’ve gone to great lengths in research to make sure you read as much as possible. The columns are short, headed by big grabby headlines and images to suck you in. Similarly your cards design needs to follow the same school of thought. Keep it simple, make it clear what you do and provide the contact detail in a legible manner – That’s it!

Sure, the design finessing will go a long way to help your card get notices in a stack but don’t let the bells and whistles get in the way of the legibility.

Glava can help you with all or any aspect of your corporate identity. Card design is usually a small component of a whole business corporate identity system. The systems range in sizes from small to huge and can include business cards, letterhead design, letters, envelopes, communication templates, style guides on managing corporate identity details and much more…

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